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Due to changes in the law governing all flying operations over the whole of Europe to make sensible changes to a multitude of different national rules, the European Aviation Safety Agency (E.A.S.A.), rules governing passenger flying in Hot Air Balloons is changing in April 2021. One of these new regulations puts an age cap on Commercial Balloon Pilots, unfortunately I am, (just), over this age restriction, which will prevent me from being chief pilot of my business, Suzanna Balloons, so I have decided to retire from commercial ballooning next April after more than 30 years taking people on the experience of a lifetime.

I will still have all my qualifications and will continue to be a balloon pilot instructor and fly privately.

In order to complete obligations to my customers who have already purchased flight vouchers I am no longer taking future bookings and will spend this season fulfilling flights for my backlog of passengers.

If you wish to purchase a balloon flight voucher may I recommend my friend Graeme Church who runs Pendle and Cumbria Balloons who can be contacted on 01254 247277 or email info@pendle-balloon-flights.com, or see his web site, www.pendle-balloon-flights.com.

Derek Grimshaw, Chief Pilot and Proprietor, Suzanna Balloons""

Since the revival of hot air ballooning in the 1960's, this ancient form of transport has proven to be the safest airborne experience available to the general public.

Modern fabrics and technology, combined with high training standards and C.A.A. certified maintenance requirements, have produced a safety record which is the envy of all other forms of aviation.

navigating balloon


Derek has been flying balloons for over 25 years, he is a retired baker who named his first Balloon "Suzanna" after his maternal Grandmother, since then the name has become synonymous with the group, hence Suzanna Balloons. Emma, Derek's eldest daughter, has also been a pilot for 20 years and the group rely on a circle of dedicated friends who act as ground crew.

Proprietor and Chief Pilot:
Derek Grimshaw
7 Whitehead Drive
PR26 6QY