Proprietor and Chief Pilot:
Derek Grimshaw
Fleetwood Farm
North Road
PR26 9AY

Welcome to the World of Hot-Air Ballooning!

Since the revival of hot air ballooning in the 1960's, this ancient form of transport has proven to be the safest airborne experience available to the general public.

Modern fabrics and technology, combined with high training standards and C.A.A. certified maintenance requirements, have produced a safety record which is the envy of all other forms of aviation.

navigating balloon


Derek has been flying balloons for over 25 years, he is a retired baker who named his first Balloon "Suzanna" after his maternal Grandmother, since then the name has become synonymous with the group, hence Suzanna Balloons. Emma, Derek's eldest daughter, has also been a pilot for 20 years and the group rely on a circle of dedicated friends who act as ground crew.